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Stanley P Galant, MD

Dr. Galant is on staff at CHOC Orange

Medical Director, Breathmobile, CHOC Children's


Board Certified:
Pediatrics, Allergy/Immunology

Research Focus:
Asthma diagnosis and treatment, asthma education, and new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities for pediatric asthma

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Physician / Researcher Bio

Stanley Galant, M.D., is medical director of CHOC Children’s Breath Mobile, CHOC’s mobile asthma treatment van. Dr. Galant has been working at CHOC since 1971 and is board certified in pediatrics, pediatric allergy, and allergy and immunology. Dr. Galant earned his medical degree from University of California Medical School, San Francisco (UCSF). He did residencies at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and the UCSF Medical Center. He did his fellowship in allergy/immunology at UCSF and was a medical fellow with the UCSF Medical Center’s pediatric radiology department and Cardiovascular Research Institute studying myocardial metabolism.

Administrative Appointments

  • Medical Director, Breathmobile, CHOC Children's


  • Medical School
    University of California Medical School, San Francisco
  • Pediatrics Residency
    Los Angeles Children's Hospital, CA
  • Pediatrics Residency
    University of California, San Francisco Medical Center
  • Allergy/Immunology Fellowship
    University of California, San Francisco


As an asthma specialist, Dr. Galant is dedicated to asthma diagnosis and treatment, asthma education, and new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities for pediatric asthma. To this end, Dr. Gallant is currently focusing on three asthma-related studies. The first study aims to detect children with asthma in preschool/school-aged children with a case detection tool that can be validated in order to provide care to underserved children in Orange County.

In his second study, Dr. Galant is collaborating with Dr. Steven George at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). Together, using equipment in the Breath Mobile, they are measuring exhaled nitric oxide, which is elevated in asthmatics and is a purported marker of airway inflammation. The bronchodilator response has also been shown to correlate with markers of airway inflammation. The goal is to one day be able to use this measurement to determine clinical treatment of asthma, including need and response to medication.

Dr. Galant’s third study aims to evaluate the burden of asthma and culture beliefs about asthma in Vietnamese children in Orange County. He hopes that better understanding the Vietnamese community’s understanding and beliefs about asthma and health care access will provide Orange County practitioners with the information they need to better reach out to and and treat children in the largest Vietnamese population outside Vietnam.

Board Certifications

  • Pediatrics
  • Allergy/Immunology

Published Works

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